Stollen Cake Bites

One of the best things about Christmas time is all the cakes and bakes. One of my favourite cakes, which is a very popular treat in Germany at Christmas time, is stollen. Filled with nuts, dried fruits and marzipan! It’s a wonderful, tasty and festive combination

Chocolate Cups With Strawberry Creme

What’s better than being inside in the warm, making delicious food and looking out on the snow? I’ve created these fancy looking and even better-tasting chocolate cups with a strawberry creme filling. I added some pistachios for extra flavour and crunch! So good! And of course; chocolate and strawberry is such a classic combination so I think you are going to love this sweet recipe


You might’ve noticed that I really love oreos. I love that they come in so many flavours and are vegan too! So this recipe is a super delicious oreo and “nutella” truffle recipe covered in chocolate and sprinkles. What’s not to like?! This recipe is not healthy what so ever but sometimes that’s totally O.K!

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

I have created a perfect meal-prep breakfast for the busy mornings! Carrot cake overnight oats. These overnight oats taste divine. Sweet, cinnamony and full of shredded carrots so this breakfast is actually healthy too! The oats are full of fibre and keep you full the whole morning! I added crushed walnuts and cacao nibs for some crunch and some raisins for some extra natural sweetness.

Lentil Bolognese

I’m starting to crave more comforting and hearty meals! A lentil bolognese came to mind and it turned out absolutely delicious. The lentils add such a nice texture and pack a bunch of protein too! Win-win. This dish is a perfect meal to serve for family and friends. Give it a go!

Vegan Katsu Curry

Back at it again with another delicious recipe! This time I’ve created this tasty vegan katsu curry It’s has a nice kick to it without being too spicy. It’s just perfect! Paired with a vegan schnitzel, rice and salad it makes for a great meal. I’m sure this dish will impress your family and friends !

Rice Crispy Treats

If you love easy and delicious snacks, then these rice crispy treats are for you! These treats are perfectly gooey and sweet with a hint of peanut butter Such an awesome combo! Perfect for whenever you crave something sweet and can be enjoyed by both children and adults.