Blueberry Nicecream With Chia Pudding

In the summer heat, my favourite thing to eat is nicecream It’s so fresh, creamy and light! It reminds me of traditional soft serve ice cream except healthy and of course very tasty! To make the nicecream a bit more interesting and filling I created this sort of nicecream and chia pudding parfait. And it turned out wonderful

Smarties & Choco Cookies

Delicious satisfying Smarties & chocolate vegan cookies I love snacks that are quick to make and easy to take on the go. These certainly are! They are also great with a cuppa in the afternoon or evening    So if you're in the mood for something sweet I really think you should try baking a batch of these cookies

Sticky Tofu & Mushrooms

I love this dish! Sticky tofu with mushrooms It tastes even better than it sounds! I know many people don’t know how to prepare tofu and think it’s bland but I’m sure this dish will prove them otherwise. The tofu is delicious served with rice but could easily be served with: quinoa, couscous, pasta or even in lettuce cups I really hope you give this recipe a try!

Coconut & Lime Energy Balls

I think coconut and lime is such a wonderful combination. It’s tropical and makes me think of summer. This recipe is simple and straightforward. Whiz the ingredients in a food processor and roll them into balls. They keep in the fridge for around a week and are great as a midmorning or afternoon snack

Oreo Cookie Butter Banana Puffs

Oreo cookie butter. How good does that sound? If you like Oreos you are going to love this recipe! Delicious easy homemade oreo butter with only two ingredients. Oreos and coconut oil. So simple! The cookie butter is delicious on toast, porridge or directly from a spoon

No Bake Ferrero Rocher

I first made this recipe a while ago and I totally forgot how good it was  No bake ferrero rocher balls. They are sweet, chocolaty, hazelnutty (that’s probably not a word) and actually quite healthy. They only require few ingredients and a food processor/blender to make.

Falafel Burger

I have created a delicious falafel burger to start the new year. I love falafels and burgers, so those two together = happiness in my tummy 😋 I made an easy dressing to go with the burger. It’s optional, but I think you should make it as well😉